Today’s Program is Sponsored by…

So my Aunt Dana said something to me the other day – or rather wrote it in a Facebook post – that has inspired this post. In no way is she responsible for this post…only this sentence:


This is my inspirational phrase of the day. So today’s program is sponsored by my aunt’s ability to be succinct and thought provoking.

This comment was her response to my post about a guy who called me a “lesbo” for wearing my HRC (Human Rights Campaign) shirt with the word ‘equality’ written on it.

I don’t care if someone wants to call me names and I don’t care if someone wants to assume I am a lesbian because of a shirt. What bothered me was the fact that the shirt merely asked for equality for all and this nitwit doesn’t get it. It’s so basic.


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Embracing Your Independence

As seen on the FilmmakeHers blog:

Recently, I was at a FilmmakeHers meeting where one of the members commented that she wrote her last script at her corporate job where she was being paid to answer the phones that rarely ever rang. I made a comment that went something like, “So, they are paying you to write and you are just being kind and volunteering to answer the phones. You are making money at your art. Congratulations.” This was a joke, of course and we all laughed heartily and drank more wine.

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Life is full of disappointments. People in particular can be very disappointing. Their motives are often completely unclear and their missing the value you have brought to them over the years is just stupefying. It’s a pity, but true more often than anyone wants to admit.

In the film industry, this happens all the time. Back-stabbing and lack of support and allowing yourself to be happily taken advantage of only to find that you are on the other side of a closed door after going those extra miles.

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Indie Filmmakers in Nature

My husband – Chris Benker/DP extraordinaire – requested that I tell the tale of our first camping trip together. Here it goes…

Chris decided to take me camping. Being that I’m from the city, I had never been camping before and he thought I was missing out. We spent two hours in traffic in New Jersey, discovered the people in the tent next to us brought their loudest speakers and house music, and when we were finishing up our hike later that day, we ran in to a bear. And I thought as the final incident began, “This is my last camping trip. If the bear mauls us to death, no more camping. If we survive – no more camping and possible divorce.”
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