Today’s Program is Sponsored by…

So my Aunt Dana said something to me the other day – or rather wrote it in a Facebook post – that has inspired this post. In no way is she responsible for this post…only this sentence:


This is my inspirational phrase of the day. So today’s program is sponsored by my aunt’s ability to be succinct and thought provoking.

This comment was her response to my post about a guy who called me a “lesbo” for wearing my HRC (Human Rights Campaign) shirt with the word ‘equality’ written on it.

I don’t care if someone wants to call me names and I don’t care if someone wants to assume I am a lesbian because of a shirt. What bothered me was the fact that the shirt merely asked for equality for all and this nitwit doesn’t get it. It’s so basic.


So this made me think about how often people just don’t get things and I wonder why and now I wonder is it just because they are dumb? Like maybe I’m not being fair.

Here are some examples of recent stupidity I have faced:

While walking on the walking side of the Manhattan bridge, I watched in horror as a biker hit a pedestrian who was jogging and yelled at her for not getting out of the way as he continued on his journey on the wrong side of the bridge.

There is a narrow escalator out of the subway near where I live. (Narrow means of small width. In this case in means barely enough room for one person to stand and ride.) There is also a very wide staircase. If the escalator is empty people may decide to walk up the escalator – fair enough. Often the escalator is crowded and a person decides to try to pass by the people who have bags, children, and strollers on the narrow escalator, avoiding the stairs, but slamming into the old ladies with canes.

Someone sent me their shot list for a film shoot. They had 30 set-ups in 4 locations for one day and explained that yes they knew that they would need two hours to move in and out of the locations. Then they asked if I thought they could make the day…

The statement, “The script is all that matters. If I get good actors, no one will mind bad shooting, bad sound, bad editing, etc.”

The sentiment: I want to do this cool thing in my edit, but I didn’t shoot my footage right for it and now I’m annoyed with you the editor for not making it happen.

So for the people who fit into the PEOPLE ARE STUPID category. I want to offer the following advice:

  • Equality means the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. Equal means being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value. Neither of these terms mean, “Hey, call me a name that you think is an insult.”
  • The Manhattan bridge has a walking side and a biking side. If you are on a bike, it means you should use the bike side. If you are unsure if you are on a bike, first check and see if you are seated and moving at the same time. Then confirm there are two wheels – one in front of you and one in back of you – and that you are rotating your feet on something called pedals to make these turn. Pedals are flat objects are attached to a chain. If you are on a contraption like this (contraption means a machine or device that appears strange) then you are on a bike and are a biker and should use the bike side.
  • If you are in a rush and see the narrow escalator is crowded. Don’t push men, women and children out of your way. Use the staircase. The staircase does not move on its own and allows you to climb it at your own pace and prevents you from damaging other human beings.
  • If you need two hours a move and you have 4 moves (load into one, out of one, into the next, out of the next, etc.) That is your 8 hour day. Shooting day is now moving day. Hire movers, not crew.
  • If you have a good script and good actors, you have a radio play without the engineer to broadcast it. If you actually film it poorly with no lights, an unskilled DP and loud locations, you make crap. (That is a technical term that means something of extremely poor quality.)
  • Make it happen in post and blame the editor for everything the team did wrong before only hurts you and your project. Your editor is there to help you come up with solutions, not be your scapegoat.

I could keep going – for weeks, possibly months – but I’m sure you see the trend.

If you are smart and run into stupid people, which inevitably you will, just remember you are not alone. Then walk, do not run to the nearest exit.

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