Mr. Selfish Selfie

I started to write this from my point of view, but it didn’t work because it just came across as – well, pissed-off and I am. To make it more entertaining I am going to write this piece from the point of view of the person sitting diagonally in front of me during a multi-media event I went to last night.

I’m Selfish Selfie and last night I went to this amazing multi-media event. It was so hip and I am so hip for going. Look at this selfie I took DURING THE SHOW to prove I was there and am really as cool as you think I am. Yes, I was there and now everyone knows it – @ME!

Lary 7 (Larry Gawoski) had an amazing piece at the end of the show. He had four projectors going with various reels of film and slides. It’s what I would call live moving pictures. I can’t do it justice by describing it so you’ll just have to take my word for the fact that it was amazing or wait you can look at all these pictures I took WHILE THE PIECE WAS GOING ON because I’m sure the people behind me understood how important it was that I hold up my phone and extended it out to take pictures of almost every frame. I mean if you’re going to do something – do it all the way! That’s what my grandmother always said.

And would you believe the guy behind me was doing the same thing? SUCH a copycat! People copy me all the time like that. Did I mention that I wore my cool hipster hat? Here, I took another selfie so you could see that. I had to hold the camera way up over my head and block everybody’s view to get the hat in, but you know, everyone understood the importance of this photo, I’m sure. Oh, my friend next to me took a few pictures too. That’s awesome – we can @ each other now! I leaned over to her and said during the show, “Isn’t this just the most amazing event and it’s SOOO DEEP. I’m SOOO engaged.” And then we chatted for a bit, whispering LOUDLY. Oh, and then we turned around again and again to watch the projectors and the people working them. The people behind us looked like they were going to punch us out. Clearly they didn’t get it. It’s a shame that some people are just not artistically developed. We just ignored their looks and kept right on going. We’re TRUE artists.

All right. I’ll stop now. I know, it’s angry anyway, but really if you’re bored Mr. Selfie and you don’t get it – go home.

Lary’s piece really was amazing by the way. Well worth not being the center of attention. And Lary, I may just have to get an owl statue now. I know those of you reading this don’t get that, but I’m proud not to have a photo to explain it. I’ll leave it to your imagination.

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